Outbye Services

Mastermyne is an industry leading installer of outbye services/secondary support with all manner of support items available for installation.

This support includes:

  • Mega Bolts,
  • Hi Tens,
  • Cable Bolts,
  • Roof Bolts,
  • Rib Bolts,
  • Meshing and shotcrete.

Secondary support operations  include:

  • Post-groutable cable bolts,
  • Roof and rib bolts,
  • Standing tin/plaster cans,
  • Building cogs and link ‘n’ logs.

We have quality controlled and well-developed tracking systems with significant experience and expertise in in fall recovery and specialised equipment for secondary support work, including:

  • Air Tracks,
  • QDS Bolters, and
  • Hand Held Equipment.

Ventilation Control Devices (VCD’s)

Mastermyne has installed VCD’s either as a key project or as ancillary works to drivage at many underground operations.

Our extensive VCD experience has resulted in an extremely accurate planning and scheduling regime for construction, as well as product control and supply.

Our VCD Capabilities include:

  • Bulkheads
  • LW Seal up
  • Overcasts
  • Segregation
  • Stoppings
  • Man Doors
  • Regulators
  • Over Cast
  • Underpass
  • Coffin seals. 

Mastermyne is also certified to apply Polymeric chemicals in underground mines which are used in various applications including strata stabilisation and sealing.

More detailed uses include:

  • Strata binding of fractured or unstable roofs;
  • Void or cavity filling (usually following LW roof collapse);
  • Sealing around ventilation devices and
  • Pumpable resins for roof and cable bolting (self drilling bolts).

Underground Mining

Production Focus; Safety Always.
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