Mastertec has fabrication facilities in QLD at Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone and in Cardiff, NSW.

Our facilities are fully equipped with a wide range of plant and equipment required for the manufacturing of our extensive range of products.

Our core business includes the design and manufacture of mining:

  • attachments,
  • trailers and consumables such as ventilation control devices (VCDs),
  • methane drainage equipment and general fabrication.

Mastermyne also fabricates major structures such as Portal Doors and Knife gate valves.

Mining Attachments And Trailers

Mastertec has the complete range of QDS, RAS and KAT attachments, which include:

  • Jibs – fixed, extendable and slewing types
  • Forks – 7-10 tonne fixed and hydraulic types
  • Stone dusters
  • Crib rooms
  • Fitters, maintenance and service pods
  • Man baskets – single story, double story and scissor lift types
  • Buckets
  • Ducksbills 3-5 tonne
  • Bolting rigs
  • Hose, belt and cable reelers
  • Concrete kibbles
  • Road salters and levellers
  • Miner supply systems including rackers, carriers and cassettes
  • Augers and trenchers
  • Pipe trailers
  • General purpose and heavy duty trailers

We also undertake general fabricating and repair work.

Fabrication & Machining

Production Focus; Safety Always.
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