Appin Area 9 Development Project

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Project: Appin Area 9 Development Project
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Client: South32 Illawarra Coal (previously BHP Billiton)
Value: $28.5 million
Start Date: Jan 2013
Finish Date: Dec 2015
Project Description: The South32 Bulli Seam Operations includes the combined mining operations of Appin and West Cliff mines.

The Appin Area 9 Development project consisted of driving the travel and conveyor roadway from West Cliff to Appin West (life of mine roadways). Reclaiming gas drainage pipes, reticulation cables, redundant service pipes and rib/roof support to allow the life-of-mine belt system to be installed in the same roadway. A trunk conveyor system was built for around 3km, and then extended as production continued to around 7km.

Driveage included the travel road from 14-36ct, and the travel and belt roads from 36-51ct (holing point into Appin West).

Appin Area 9 Project was to reclaim already driven roadways in 516 panel. A large water management stub was also driven off 36ct to capture any overflow water in a power loss event.

The project was completed 4 months ahead of schedule saving South32 in excess of $2 million.

Key Statistics

Manhours: 297,427
Toolbox Talks: 1,212
Take Two’s completed: 12,876
Behavioural Observations completed: 4,974
Critical task observations completed: 716
Existing roadways recovered: 5km
Total development M/year: 5,050
Best weekly metres: 177
Average development M/week: 95
Average development MPOH: 1.4
Average weekly operating hours for development: 69
Roadway cutting width & height: 3.2m (height) x 5.2m (width)
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