Appin Area 9

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BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal (BHPBIC) operates the Bulli Seam Operations (BSO) (Appin and West Cliff Collieries) extracting hard coking coal used for steel production.

Scope of Work

  • Driving the travel & conveyor roadway from West Cliff to Appin West (life of mine roadways).
  • Appin Area 9 Project is about reclaiming already driven roadways in 516 panel with regards to gas drainage pipes, reticulation cables, redundant service pipes and rib/ roof support to allow the life-of mine belt system to be installed in the same roadway.
  • A 3km trunk conveyor system was built and then extended to around 6.5km as production continued.
  • It will be around 7km in length when the project is complete.
  • Driveage includes the travel road from 14-36ct, and the travel & belt roads from 36-51ct (holing point into Appin West).
  • A large water management stub was also driven off 36ct to capture any overflow water in a power loss event.

Challenges Overcome

  • Shunt spooling with shuttle car to accommodate long wheeling roads;
  • Building the initial conveyor system after reclaiming unused roadways;
  • Water management as old workings adjoined the driveage and caused major under floor water make;
  • Inrush mining due to mining next to old workings full of water;
  • STIS hole intersection and outburst potential;
  • High gas content seam with known faulted areas;
  • Surging when driving water management sump;
  • Mining with existing roadways to be converted into return airways and the use of a scrubber on the auxiliary fan;
  • Removal of redundant water management fish tanks and piping;
  • Removal of redundant overcasts and triple stoppings after driving through them;
  • Installation of standard and nonstandard overcasts.

Key Statistics

Division: Underground Mining
Client: BHP Billiton
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Value: Driveage $28.5M, Outbye $18.9M
Start date: January 2013
Finish date: December 2015

Key outcomes:

  • Recovery of 5km of existing roadways;
  • Total roadway metres driven for the year 4335m
  • Best weekly metres 177m•
  • Average driveage 96m per week;
  • Average metres driven per month 412m;
  • Average operating hours per week 70 hrs;
  • Installation of trunk conveyor system currently at 6.5km long;
  • Installation & recovery of standard & non-standard ventilation systems including overcasts, seals, stoppings &
    water management seals;
  • Driving 180m water management sump for power outages;
  • Driving belt underpasses;
  • Installation of 3.5km of gas drainage piping to manage excessive gas make from the Bulli Seam;
  • Mining through STIS hole with high outburst potential;


  • Hazard reports completed 114;
  • Tool Box Talks completed 1,212
  • Take Two’s completed 12,876
  • Management workplace audits 44
  • Behavioural Observations (BASE) 4,974
  • Critical Task Observations completed 716
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