Broadmeadow Conveyors

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Project: Broadmeadow Conveyors
Location: Moranbah, QLD
Client: BMA
Value: $34,000,000
Start Date: Oct 2013
Finish Date: Jun 2018 (expected completion)
Project Description: Broadmeadow Mine commenced underground longwall mining in the Goonyella Riverside lease in 2005 . The mine is located 20 kilometres north of Moranbah.

Mastermyne have been engaged on recurring conveyor works projects since 2013. Undertaking civil, mechanical and electrical installation of the following conveyors:

  • MG9 Longwall Conveyor Upgrade (Oct 13 – Jan 14)
  • MG13 Conveyor Installation (Sep 15 – Dec 15)
  • MG10 Longwall Conveyor Upgrade (Nov 15 – Jan – 16)
  • MG11 Tripper, Civils & Complete tripper Install (Dec 15 – Sep 16)
  • MG12 Longwall Conveyor Upgrade (May 16 – Mar 17)
  • MG15 Conveyor Installation (Jan 17 – Dec 17)
  • MG13 Longwall Upgrade & Tripper installation (Mar 17 – Jan 18)
  • MG14 Underground Conveyor Installation (Jun 17 – Jun 18)
  • MG12 Civils & Tripper Installation (Jun 17 – Jun 18)

Key Statistics

Manhours 254,070
Peak personnel: 70
MG10 Schedule Maintain schedule at 30% less labour and equipment
MG9 Longwall Conveyor 2600+ LTU
MG9 Longwall Conveyor 1400 structure removed 1800 structure floor mounted installation
MG10 Longwall Conveyor 2300+ LTU
MG10 Longwall Conveyor 1400 structure removed 1800 structure floor mounted installation
MG11 Longwall Conveyor 1900+ LTU
MG11 Longwall Conveyor 1800 structure moved from side to side 1800 structure floor mounted installation
MG12 Longwall Conveyor 3400+LTU
MG12 Longwall Conveyor 1800 structure hung on rib 1800 structure floor mounted installation
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