Broadmeadow Portal Entry and Stone Drivage

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Project: Broadmeadow Portal Entry and Stone Drivage
Location: Moranbah, QLD
Client: BMA
Value: $8 million
Start Date: Aug 2013
Finish Date: Jun 2014
Project Description: Broadmeadow Mine commenced underground longwall mining in the Goonyella Riverside lease in 2005. The mine is located 20 kilometres north of Moranbah.

BMA contracted Mastermyne to use a combination of Roadheader and Continuous Miner to conduct Portal formation and entry development for MG 11 & MG 12 and MG13 at the Broadmeadow Mine. The Roadheader was used for the initial entry through the stone and once a < 50% stone / coal ratio was achieved, Continuous Miners were used to establish ventilation circuits by driving first 3 pillars for each Maingate in coal.

Mastermyne were responsible for establishing access from surface to seam for set up and deployment of development units and installation of the mine conveyor system. All portal entries started in a prepared entry above the seam set on a 10% grade to intersect with the Goonyella middle seam.

Key Statistics

Manhours 92,081
Development M/wk 14.5m Average (Stone Drivage)

78.3 Average (Development)

Total development M 3340 (Project Duration)
Project Duration development MPOH 0.6 Stone

2.2 Coal

Roadway cutting width & height: 5.2m width x 3.3m height

Portal entrances consisted of 4 Passes to achieve Height and width requirements to install portal segments.

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