Broadmeadow Mine

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Broadmeadow underground mine is a Top Coal Cave Longwall Punch mine located approximately 30 km from Moranbah. Recently Mastermyne have undertaken contracts delivering;

  • Stone Drivage; off the high-wall
  • Longwall conveyor change out
  • Longwall preinstall and salvage.

Scope of works

The Broadmeadow Stone Drivage contract comprises of 6,500 meters of stone and coal drivage which is to establish the new Longwall panels extending the life of the mine. Operation is directly off the High-wall through

the use of a Mastermyne owned and maintained Continuous Miner and Company owner Ram car. All additional equipment supplied and maintained by Mastermyne, including:

  • auxiliary fans,
  • underground loaders,
  • light vehicles and
  • underground implements.

The Longwall conveyor change out project incorporated the removal of the pre-existing development conveyor system and implementation of the Longwall conveyor system. Works also included Develop and implementation of the Safe Work Practices for transporting, building and tracking the Elton 1800mm Conveyor system. The Elton system was a new system for site and had never been used as a floor mounted Conveyor system. Transportation of the system included the use of trailer and mounts specifically designed and built for the structure

Project included;

  • Installation of a temporary Longwall boot to expedite the commissioning process;
  • Extensive roadwork’s of 2,600m of roadway, and minor concrete works;
  • Removal of 5,600m of 1050 conveyor belt to surface;
  • Removal of 2,600m of 1050 conveyor belt structure to surface and preparation for offsite refurbishment;
  • Installation of Elton 1800mm conveyor belt structure including additional works outside of OEM specification, including;
    • additional bolt in legs,
    • change out of supplied gravity pins,
    • additional cross bracing,
    • additional anchor bolts at intersections without delay to schedule.

Mastermyne also completed a Longwall preinstall and salvage, consisting of Longwall mini build, assembly and commissioning. Pre Install works underground and longwall installation, including recovery of existing longwall equipment.

Key Statistics

Division: Underground Mining
Client: BMA (BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance)
Location: Moranbah, QLD
Value: $10M+
Start date: October 2013
Finish date: May 2014
Key outcomes:

  • Recovery of over 3,000m of HV cable;
  • Removal of 5,600m of 1050 conveyor belt to surface;
  • Removal of 2,600m of 1050 conveyor belt structure;
  • Longwall preinstall – 158 run of face shields, 55 tonne;
  • Longwall preinstall – 3 gate shields, 75 tonnes;
  • Tool box talks completed – 536
  • Workplace inspections completed – 88


  • TRIFR – 0 (over 200,000 man hours)
  • Stone Drivage injury free at 285 plus days
  • Safety interactions completed – 5313
  • Take5’s completed – 4635
  • Hazard reports completed – 430
  • JHA’s completed and returned – 100
  • Task observations completed – 191
What we do

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