Crinum Secondary Support and Outbye Services

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Project: Crinum Secondary Support and Outbye Services
Location: Emerald, QLD
Client: BMA
Value: $4 million pa
Start Date: Oct 2009 (onsite since 2002)
Finish Date: Mar 2015
Project Description: Mastermyne (and 2008 acquisition company Highlands Mining) have been providing Ventilation installation and maintenance to Crinum Mine since 2002.

Mastermyne achieved 9 years LTI free in 2011 and in 2013 commenced the secondary support and emergency response responsibilities. Our scope of works consisted of:

  • Secondary support
  • Predriven recovery roads; completed PDRR25,PDRR26 & PDRR27
  • Ventilation installation and maintenance
  • Remedial support work
  • Single entry remediation work
  • Emergency response chemical injection campaigns
  • Installation of secondary support on face roads & existing belt roads.

Mastermyne demobilised after the mine was set to go in to care and maintenance after completing the last of the Predriven recovery roads (PDRR) and sealing the last of the mine portals at Crinum.

Key Statistics

Manhours 262,088
LTI Free 9 years
8.1m TG pa 2,700
4m JSS cable bolts pa 466
6m JSS cable bolts  pa 160
10m JSS bolts (spiles for PDRR) pa 700
1.8m cuttable bolts  pa 240
2.1m steel/roof bolts  pa 200
9m self drilling bolts (spiles for PDRR)  pa 300
1.2m steel bolts (rib) pa 1,770
PDRR 8.1m TG Bolts 2,100
PDRR rib bolts 1,500
What we do

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