Access for Jetty Headstock Refurbishment, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

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Location: Mackay, QLD
Client: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management
Value: $2.1 million
Start Date: Maintenance Contract start date Apr 2010
Finish Date: Maintenance Contract completion date Apr 2019
Project Description: Located 38 km south of Mackay, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) exports thermal and metallurgical coal from Central Queensland’s Bowen Basin mines to ports around the world. The terminal operates around the clock and has a name plate capacity of 85 Mtpa.

For maintenance purposes the DBCT Structural Maintenance team required access to the headstocks under the jetty one roadway and conveyors. The headstocks that support the roadway needed refurbishment and the sliding feet that attach the galleries to the headstock required replacement.

Originally the work was planned using individual scaffold builds on each headstock, however, this was labour intensive and not cost effective over the duration of the project.

Mastertec developed the concept of erecting a support structure on the roadway that was mobile. This structure allowed us to build a supported scaffold that encompassed the full headstock without the need to place any weight on or require support from the galleries either side.

The time and cost savings from this innovative approach were significant allowing DBCT to complete the project 2 years ahead of schedule with  savings in excess of $2M.

Key Statistics

Client Savings Delivered: $2 million+
Labour for initial build: 539 manhours
Labour for each move: 169 hours
Time to move: 3 shifts
Cost to purchase support structure: $51,948
Cost for initial erection: $43,058
Cost to relocate each move: $13,613
Number of bents / headstocks: 152

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