Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal – Project #1

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Scope of Work

To provide ongoing scaffolding access solutions throughout the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) facility.

Key Outcomes

Notable engineered access solutions include:

  • Jetty 1 Remediation L5 and L6 Conveyors;
  • Prototype mobile scaffold structure covering a full gallery on L5 and L6;
  • L6 Gravity take up Unit replacement project- off shore;
  • Design of mobile 3 Bay Head Stock access Scaffold;
  • Ongoing Head Stock refurbishment on Jetty 1-utilising two mobile structures;
  • Jetty 1 pile wrapping trial-Access to RL 1.5;
  • Crane lift scaffolds on L3 and L4 incline conveyor refurbishment;

Project #: Jetty Headstock Refurbishment

The DBCT Structural Maintenance team required access to the headstocks under the jetty one roadway and conveyors.
The headstocks that support the roadway needed refurbishment and the sliding feet that attach the galleries to the headstock required replacement.

Originally the work was planned using individual scaffold builds on each headstock, however, this was labour intensive and not cost effective over the duration of the project.

We developed the concept of erecting a support structure on the roadway that was mobile.
To this structure we were able to build a supported scaffold that encompassed the full headstock without the need to place any weight on or require support from the galleries either side.

Now with the time and cost savings as illustrated below, we forecast that this project will be completed 2 years ahead of schedule with potential savings in excess of $2M.

Key Statistics

Division: Mastertec Industrial & Maintenance:
Client: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT);
Location: Dalrymple Bay, Mackay, QLD
Value: $100M over 5 years
Start date: Mastertec has been on site at DBCT since 2010. In 2014, Mastertec (as DMS) secured a further 5 year contract.
Finish date: March 2019

What we do

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