Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal – Project #2

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Project#2 — High Access for L3 Incline Conveyor

Scope of Work

To provide ongoing scaffolding access solutions throughout the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) facility.

By engaging positively with the client and by generating good support from our key stakeholders (DBCT, Layher and Construc) the following results were delivered.

The structure only had a limited window of time availability (due to the conveyor outage) and the client required the most cost effective solution. A traditional build of modular scaffolding constructed from the “ground up” would not meet the tight time constraints and would be cost prohibitive.

Using specialist Layher scaffolding, the structure was built safely on the ground in 7 modules and craned into position.

The scaffold system effectively hangs from the conveyor structure. The system was designed by Mastertec (then DMS) engineered by Layher and certified by Construc.

We delivered a 7m wide by 50m long solution over a 5 day / 10 shift period (within the allocated tight time frame).


The project was delivered in half the time and used one fifth of the scaffold components that would have been required with a standard ground-up build.

The design made the entire build process much safer and resulted in substantial savings in labour and equipment costs.

The L3 Incline Conveyor had not been accessed in any significant way since it was constructed due to the difficulty and cost involved in traditional scaffolding techniques from the ground-up.

Our design eliminated the majority of the working-at-heights risks and minimised the potential for falling objects.

Key Statistics

Division: Mastertec Industrial & Maintenance:
Client: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT);
Location: Dalrymple Bay, Mackay, QLD
Value: $100M over 5 years
Start date: Mastertec has been on site at DBCT since 2010. In 2014, Mastertec (as DMS) secured a further 5 year contract.
Finish date: March 2019

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