Dendrobium Development Operations

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Project: Dendrobium Development Operations
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Client: South32 Illawarra Coal (previously BHP Billiton)
Value: $45 million
Start Date: Jun 2007
Finish Date: Aug 2013
Project Description: The Dendrobium Mine is located in the Southern Coalfield of New South Wales approximately 15 kilometres west of Wollongong. The mine extracts coal via longwall mining from the Wongawilli Seam. The mine primarily produces hard coking coal and has an approved operational capacity of up to 5.2 million tonnes per annum until 31 December 2030.

The Mastermyne management team were closely aligned with the clients planning and engineering teams.

The project commenced with five heading development in the main dips moving into Main Gate 5, Wonga Mains driveage included high and wide driveage in stone to allow installation of conveyors and ventilation overcasts. Our scope also included:

  • Own diesel servicing
  • Outbye works
  • Supplying the driveage panel conveyor extensions
  • Ventilation works
  • Water management

Mastermyne worked with the client to introduce, commission and modify new equipment to increase reliability and production rates.

Key Statistics

Manhours 739,964
Total development M/year 7,000
Average development M/week ~120
Average development MPOH 1.6
Average weekly operating hours for development 76
Roadway cutting width & height 3.2m (height) x 5.2m (width)
What we do

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