Dendrobium Mine

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Division: Underground Mining
Client: BHP Billiton
Location: Wollongong, NSW

Scope of work:
Roadway development in the Wongawilli seam has been completed in both main headings and gate
roads. Introduction, commissioning and modification of new equipment in conjunction with the OEM to
increase reliability and development rates.

Soft floors with a typically large cross grade and steep inclines during face line development.
The Mastermyne management team were closely aligned with the clients planning and engineering teams.
The project commenced with five heading development in the main dips moving into Main Gate 5, Wonga Mains driveage included high and wide driveage in stone to allow installation of conveyors and ventilation overcasts.

Key Statistics

Start date: June 2007
Finish date: August 2013

Key outcomes:

  • 7,000 m driveage per year in gate roads;
  • 0 Industrial Issues;
  • 6 years of contract driveage and Main Roads/Gate Road development.
  • Our team also performed its own diesel servicing and outbye works supplying the driveage panel conveyor extensions, ventilation works and water management.
  • Challenges overcome:
  • Large seam water makes were managed;
  • Poor rib conditions and roof guttering requiring increased strata support;
  • Inrush prevention mining in close proximity to old workings;
  • Intersection of inseam Gas and exploration holes;
  • Long travel times to access and supply the working panel;
  • Minimal surface laydown areas and night curfews for access to the surface;
  • Close proximity to the local town and interaction with the community;

Safety: FY2014 TRIFR 2.75.

What we do

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