Moranbah North Mine Conveyors

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Project: Moranbah North Mine Conveyors
Location: Moranbah, QLD
Client: Anglo American
Value: Value included in Umbrella Services contract $30 million pa
Start Date: Apr 2002
Finish Date: Ongoing
Project Description: Moranbah North coal is mined from the Goonyella Middle Seam, approximately 200 metres below the surface. The mine currently produces 4.5 Mt annually of high fluidity premium hard coking coal mainly for export to iron and steel manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Brazil and Europe.

The Contract covers the management and completion of the various services in the underground process areas of operation including the longwalls, development, outbye and infrastructure. Over the last 2 years Mastermyne have completed the following conveyor work packages:

  • Recovered 2NM , mg 112 & E/mains dev belts (6.9 km)
  • Recovered MG111 LW belt (4.3km)
  • Installed trunk belt UC005 (1.2 km) 1 drive 2x 550kw CST,s
  • Installed MG112 LW belt
    (4.5 km) de-waterer drivehead
    (3 x 550kw CST’s), tripper drive (2 x 550 kw CST’s)
  • Installed MG604 Dev belt (hefty drive)
  • Belt maintenance /monitoring on MG111,MG112, UC004, UC005
  • Changed out a CST on UC004


Key Statistics

Manhours Over 100,000 man hours per annum
Conveyor Structure Removed 31.5 km
Conveyor Structure Installed 32.2 km
Belt reliability 97.8%
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