Outbye Services at West Cliff Colliery

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Project: Outbye Services at West Cliff Colliery
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Client: South 32 (Previously BHP)
Value: $8 million pa
Start Date: Aug 2014 (on site since 2008)
Finish Date: Aug 2016
Project Description: The West Cliff Mine operates in both the Wongawilli and Bulli seams in New South Wales. Depths range from between 180 meters and 550 meters, with the seam thicknesses ranging between 2.1m and 3.4m in strong sandstone and shale strata.

Mastermyne have been on site since 2008 performing a wide range on contract services. The Outbye Services contract included the following scope:

  • Secondary Support
  • Pipe recovery
  • Stone dusting
  • Ventilation activities & supplementary labour
  • Recovered falls
  • Shot firing and construction of sumps
  • Overcasts
  • Shot firing and resupport of drive head areas

Key Statistics

Manhours 120,000 pa
8m Mega Bolts pa 2,500
3m Mega Dowles 1,250
5psi seals 45
120 psi seals 2
What we do

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