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Managing health and safety


Mastermyne is dedicated to delivering a no-nonsense service with the courage to break new ground while respecting the community and the environment.

We are also committed to the principle that all workplace injuries can be prevented.

Mastermyne’s goal is to deliver safe projects and services and to support the achievement of this goal, we have a fully integrated Health & Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System.

We hold:

  • AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification, 
  • ISO 14001  Environmental Management System Certification and
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification across all our activities.

These systems are underpinned by a rigorous Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Process.

Effective implementation of the HSEQ Management System and underlying project specific HSEQ Plans ensure that Mastermyne complies with relevant legislative and client requirements while upholding our own values and principles.

With each project, Mastermyne develops an individual Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Plan (HSEQ Plan) which is a comprehensive outline of the actions required during the course of its project to ensure the safety of its people.

HSEQ Management System

Mastermyne uses the software program INX (InControl and InTuition) which is at the core of its safety system.

INX is a web enabled database whereby head office and on site management can access real time data which is used in the prevention and management of injuries. It also serves as a:

  • Document management system,
  • Audit tool and
  • Employee training and records data base.

This allows Mastermyne to proactively manage staff skill levels, to monitor ongoing training and compliance, as well as safety trends.

INX allows us to track incident occurrence and resolution and provide clients with regular feedback. Since its inception Mastermyne has achieved a safety performance significantly better than industry average. We have also developed our own HSEQ Index which tracks the impact of leading indicators on our safety statistics.

Benefits of the HSEQ Index

The HSEQ Index fosters and maintains a culture of ownership and accountability for systems implementation. This idea is a simple tracking device that reports the level of participation in HSEQ activities.

The HSEQ Index measures are divided into three broad categories:

  • Information and communication;
  • Implementation and monitoring;
  • Improvement and innovation.

Health and Safety Leader in the Industry

Ensuring employees health and safety, as well as environmental sustainability, are core components of Mastermyne’s business strategy.

Our leading role in industry Health and Safety has been forged through:

  • Continually monitoring and improving the HSEQ Management System so that it remains relevant to business activities
  • Developing systems with a primary focus on risk management principles through the active application of the hierarchy of control
  • Actively driving the integrative use of systems to meet the Mastermyne philosophy: Production focus, Safety always.

A culture of ownership and accountability for HSEQ performance is core to the wellbeing of our people.

This can only be achieved through felt leadership which extends to every level of the business. This is exemplified through a strong, visible management commitment complete with:

  • Clear Meaningful Policies
  • Line Management Accountability, Responsibility Standards and Expectations
  • Strategic Goals, Objectives & Plans
  • A supportive HSEQ Team
  • Continuous Training & Development
  • Effective 2-way Communication & Consultation
  • Thorough Investigations & Reports
  • Behavioural Observations & Outcomes
  • Driving a cultural DNA of “ownership for safety “with accountabilities for HSEQ formally assigned at all hierarchical levels.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement is a core component of our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality System which can result in positive gains for all concerned.

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