Westcliff Safety Performance Recognised by BHP

What an exceptional turnaround in safety performance from our Westcliff project. It’s no secret that during the 2009 year we were plagued with a number of injuries which resulted in a refocus on what we were doing and how we were doing it. Whilst the injuries weren’t severe in nature they were numerous.

A safety improvement action plan was put in place to address this safety performance and the plan revolved around the following key areas:-

  • Re-inducting all existing Westcliff employees.
  • The reorganisation of the site management structure with the introduction of a dedicated Safety Officer and a Mechanical Coordinator.
  • Behavioural Safety Coaching for all Supervisors and Management employees.
  • Presentations to all crews on the importance of Safety Attitude and Behaviour in the workplace.
  • A focus on Take 2’s and Safe Act Observations in the workplace.

The results have been amazing as the Westcliff team has achieved an injury free workplace since the 23rd of September 2009, which is proof that Zero Harm is achievable. The focus on Take 2’s has been the cornerstone of the improvement. By taking that few minutes to stop and think about each and every task this team was able to reduce the amount of injuries in their workplace to none. It’s about behaviour.

So good has been the improvement that BHP Westcliff has recognised the efforts of the Westcliff crews with a letter of recognition that states that these boys are now leading the way in regards to Take 2 participation and quality. Josh Skipp was individually noted for his efforts and for being a champion of the Take 2 cause. We congratulate Josh for his excellent supervisory performance with respect to safety and I’m sure the families of Josh’s crew are also grateful that their loved ones are part of his team.

It is so pleasing to see the efforts of all the team at Westcliff and the results speak for themselves. I’m sure that the Westcliff teams will tell you it’s not that difficult to work safely. It’s about discipline and behaviour. Use the safety tools correctly and at the right time and focus on the quality of the content and we will achieve zero harm in our workplace.

Please keep up the good work guys and ensure that these fundamental changes in attitude and behaviour become embedded behaviours and everyone who joins the project adopts the same culture. Our attitude determines our behaviour, so let’s make it a safe attitude and let’s demonstrate safe behaviour. It’s your choice.