Payroll Donation Program – Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service

Late last year, Darren Smart (Mastermyne employee at Wambo) was involved in a rescue mission at Frenchmans Beach, NSW. Darren worked to resuscitate a man who had been pulled from the water for around 45minutes before a Westpac Rescue Helicopter arrived to assist. Darren’s response in this situation has ultimately allowed a loved one to return to their family. We at Mastermyne are proud to have someone who responded in the way Darren did as part of our team and we once again commend Darren on his actions.

This event has prompted us to contact the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service to set up a payroll donation program whereby staff can choose to donate to the service through weekly payroll deductions. Mastermyne currently has a similar arrangement in Queensland with the CQ Rescue Helicopter Service.

More information about the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Server is available by clicking this link: