Marisil E

Wilson mining is expanding its product offering through the recent Australian approval and licencing issued by the NSW DPIE of its new silicate resin product, Marisil E.

Manufactured by Weber Mining, the exclusive Wilson supplier of all the high performance ground control technology, Marisil is a two part silicate polyisocyanate resin system used for strata consolidation and ground reinforcement by injection to penetrate and consolidate cracks and fissures.

Marisil supplements the existing injection products, Marithan and Fenoflex but as our first silicate resin it gives Wilson mining a complete range, meaning our products can solve any and all strata consolidation needs effectively and at the best bang for buck.

The expanded suite of Wilson Mining products means that our clients now have a choice when selecting the right product for each application. Wilson mining continues to build its range of products in Australia with the support of Weber Mining and together we are bringing solutions to both the coal and hard rock markets. Well done to all our teams at Wilson Mining and Weber Mining who together are bringing new ideas to solve old problems.