FY22 Balanced Business Planning (BBP)

100 Mastermyner’s came together to run through how we’ve performed over the past 12 months and understand our business goals for the new financial year. Solid Business Planning is an important part of our business. It ensures we’re all focused on the same thing, regardless of our role and what’s happening around us. FY21 stand outs were 1) excellent safety groupwide, 2) Wilson Mining performance, 3) securing the Contract Mine Operation. Through anonymous polling our new financial year business plan was endorsed and everyone made personal commitments to push the goals forward. With all that heavy lifting we are set up to have a great year. A special call out to the 60 guys & girls from site who attended– having miner drivers, deputies, supervisors and coordinators etc. sharing the ground truth over the 2 days KEEP’s IT REAL and their approval of our plan tells us we are on the right track.