Fras Vent Tube Accessories

Part Code No. 10-VT-OVAL-720
Part Code No. 10-VT-OVAL-760
Part Code No. 10-VT-TRANS-720
Part Code No. 10-VT-TRANS-760
Part Code No. 10-VT-FLOW-618
Part Code No. 10-VT-FLOW-720
Part Code No. 10-VT-FLOW-760
Part Code No. 10-VT-VENTURI-SM
Part Code No. 10-VT-VENTURI-LG
Additional Note: Simtars tested to comply with the requirements of IEC 60079-0 clause 7.3.2 (a) for a surface resistance not exceeding 1 GΩ, and of clause of IEC 60079-1
Product Description:

This is our range of Fras Vent Tube Accessories


10-VT-OVAL-720Group: Oval / Size: 720mm
10-VT-OVAL-760Group: Oval / Size: 760mm
10-VT-TRANS-720Group: Transition / Size: 720mm
10-VT-TRANS-760Group: Transition / Size: 760mm
10-VT-FLOW-618Group: Flow regulator / Size: 618mm
10-VT-FLOW-720Group: Flow regulator / Size: 720mm
10-VT-FLOW-760Group: Flow regulator / Size: 760mm
10-VT-VENTURI-SMGroup: Venturi / Size: Small
10-VT-VENTURI-LGGroup: Venturi / Size: Large