Fras Vent Tubes

Part Code No. 10-VT-2.55-720
Part Code No. 10-VT-2.55-720L
Additional Notes Simtars tested to comply with the requirements of IEC 60079-0 clause 7.3.2 (a) for a surface resistance not exceeding 1 GΩ, and of clause of IEC 60079-1
Product Description:

Key advantages:

  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Increased UV resistance
  • More cost effective
  • Also available in 680mmØ
  • Wide range of adaptors available
  • Surface finish reduces the effect of splinters


10-VT-2.55-720Size: 2.55m long x 720mm Ø / Weight: 24kg
10-VT-2.55-720LSize: 2.55m long x 720mm Ø / Weight: 14kg