Pipe Brackets

Part No 1-PHB-1-200
Part No 1-PHB-2-500
Part No 1-PHB-4-800
Part No 1-PHB-6-800-A
Part No 1-PHB-6-800-INT
Part No 1-PHB-14-740
Part No 1-PHB-15-1000-INT-A
Product Description:

Pipe brackets are used to suspend pipes and other services from the roof.


Part No 1-PHB-6-800-INTIs fitted with 3 x 1.5m chain (8mm) c/w shackle
1-PHB-1-200WLL 750KG
1-PHB-2-500WLL 750KG
1-PHB-4-800WLL 900KG
1-PHB-6-800-AWLL 700KG
1-PHB-14-740WLL 900KG
1-PHB-15-1000-INTWLL 700KG