Pogo Sticks

Part Code No. 1-POGO-6-INT
Part Code No. 1-POGO-7-INT
Part Code No. 1-POGO-8-INT
Part Code No. 1-POGO-WHT-5200
Product Description:

The brattice support is primarily used to hold brattice along the walls in an underground mining operation. The screw on each end fits into the brass eyes positioned on the corners of the brattice where the internal spring presses the screws to the roof and the ground. The height of the supports can be easily adjusted by re-positioning the pin to another hole.

2 x red reflective markers on the top and the bottom and 1 x red & white reflective marker in the middle.


1-POGO-6-INTLength: 1.8m – 3.0m SWL 30kg
1-POGO-7-INTLength: 2.1m – 3.4m SWL 30kg
1-POGO-8-INTLength: 2.7m – 4.5m SWL 30kg
1-POGO-WHT-5200Length: 2.7m – 5.5m