Appin Mine (Services)

Project Appin Mine (Services)
Location Wollongong, NSW
Client South32
Partnership Since 2016
Finish Date Ongoing
Project Description:

The Appin Services Contract encompasses almost all facets of the mines operation.
Working in unison with Appin’s production team, the Longwall Supplementary Labour crews are tasked with ancillary activities to ensure the mines Longwall operations meets the desired production outputs. The scope of activities range from the installation of secondary support and ventilation control devices through to service retractions and Longwall installations and relocations.
Development Supplementary Labour crews compliment the mines own development production crews in order to maintain sufficient float to sustain Longwall operations aligned to the S32 operational plan.
Outbye of the coal face dedicated crews are assigned to the maintenance of standards along the mines coal clearance systems.
The contract also extends to the provision of statutory officials involved in the direct supervision of the S32 and Mastermyne workforce in maintaining and upholding legislated health and safety requirements of the mining operations.
As of June 2019, there are approximately 165 personnel engaged under the services contract.