Narrabri Mine

Project Narrabri Mine
Location Narrabri, NSW
Client Whitehaven Coal
Partnership Since 2018
Finish Date Ongoing
Project Description:

Contracted to complete the development of Tail Gate and Main Gate 201.
A standalone development panel providing the formation of gate roads that will deliver 1 x long wall block including take off chutes using the Cut and Flit mining methodology.

Fully Mastermyne managed and resourced, Mastermyne also supply equipment including 1 X Joy 12CM12 Double pass miner, 1 X Joy 2337 Multibolter with HFX ICM3 Bolting Rigs, 1 X Waracar Shuttle car , 1 X 10SC32 Joy Shuttle Car, 1 X Joy BF14 Breaker Feeder plus associated panel equipment and Diesels.

Mastermyne installed and maintains real time performance monitoring and reporting technology (MCS “Prodmate” optimisation software) on the project that provides live data from the Mining equipment. This data is captured and arranged into reports providing minute by minute vision on what the machines are producing and how they are performing.

Approximately 55 full time Mastermyne personnel deliver safe and efficient development services under the contract.